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LA+D | VIDEO VAULT is a private site for film students at Lesley Art + Design.

Our Digital Filmmaking program is an in-depth, professional filmmaking experience that prepares students for careers in the film industry. Our Senior Thesis program is 12-credits (4 classes) where students have a full academic year to create a short film! Our Junior Studio films are team-based projects that take a full year too!

Our faculty have high expectations for our Thesis work, and many of our films have been included in film festivals & several have won awards!

About Lesley Art + Design

LA+D is a college at Lesley University in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts. We offer a diverse selection of creative programs, including Digital Filmmaking, Animation, VFX, Game Design, Graphic Design, Design for UX and Photography, as well as studio Fine Arts programs and a robust Illustration & Visual Narrative department!

The Digital Filmmaking program features extensive studios, equipment, labs and suites, taught by award-winning filmmakers!

More information about Lesley University can be found at our website.

The Lunder Arts Center, home of Lesley Art + Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts


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